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How i earn money by copy and paste articles


Hey Hi! I am a Part time blogger and vlogger.

In this article i am going to teach you my secret, how i make money with a simple and very effective technique which helps me to make a decent of money, without any efforts.


How i earn money by copy and paste

Are you interested? Here I teaches you all the steps and process to make the copy and pasting effective and copyright free.

Copying and pasting the article is not easy nowadays. Because the internet grown well and it is too easy to caught the copy cats. Most of the online tool such as google search engine analyse all the articles and found the copied articles/blog posts in an a minute.

Any how there are some simple trick I have found to make the copied articles looks new and 100% original.

In the beginning I tried a lot of method to avoid plagiarism on my content. But it won’t help me out on this matter.

Later i fount a easy and at the same time very easy method to avoid the plagiarism thing.

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1 use the rewordify

Rewordify is an amazing tool which helps you to rewrite the sentence automatically on your document. It reduce the plagiarism up to 50% to 80%.

2 Plagiarism checker

Plagiarism checker is also a free tool. Helps you to find out the sentence which is plagiarized in the document.

My recommended plagiarism checker is they provide you multiple and use full tool to make the website and blog to the Search engine.

Their plagiarism checker was too good to find easily. Just paste your rewritten article here and check plagiarism.

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3 Use Grammerly

Grammerly is a free tool, that helps you to correct the sentence, words and phrase on your document or article.

In this tool paste the rewritten post from the rewordify. Then change/rewrite the sentence which has been plagiarized. So, you can avoid the plagiarism. And your document or article will become 100% original.

This method will helps you to rewrite or post the article from other website. 😁😁

Now, check the document on plagiarism checker to confirm it.

Now post it in your blog or website.

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I use these method to avoid plagiarism. This is a very simple but very effective method.

I Personally recommend you this method to copy someone’s article without any problem.

Be careful this method need a little care to make it done.

Rewritten by: Mr.Thozha

Thank you! Bye!