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17 online businesses without investment | Rich Matter

Here is the list of 17 online businesses without investment / without investment business ideas.


These do not require any kind of investment or might require a small investment. This includes (becoming popular/moving in a particular way) hot new business ideas too.


17 online businesses without investment

1) writing

If you are capable of writing articles or reports with a good flow in language, there are huge opportunities for you. 


There are lots of websites like, respected, energy and that provides vacancies to hire (related to small jobs that self-employed people do) writers at a good pay scale. This is a great part-time business plan without investment.

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2) writing on a shared online page

(writing on a shared online page) is creating educational content for a targeted audience. You can make good chunks of money by sharing it with a large audience via online writing pages. 


If your (shared online writing page) has good content it will gain (quality of being liked a lot or done a lot) with time. If your (shared online writing page) attracts very high traffic, you can attract advertisements to make money.


Register on Adsence or offer Ad places

In simple terms, whatever I am doing on this (shared online writing page) is called (writing on a shared online page). This is a zero investment business that can be started by anyone emotional (in a good way) about creating content.

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3) Dropshipping

Dropshipping provides you to sell things online without storing them. This is another idea gaining ground and (quality of being liked a lot or done a lot) these days. 


For this, you need to open a free store on any selling (raised, flat supporting surface) like Amazon, eBay, etc. now. 


Now, find a wholesaler of the goods that you would like to sell. You would find a lot of wholesale drop shippers on (raised, flat supporting surfaces) like Aliexpress or Oberlo. Finalize the offer with them and request them to mail photos of their products.


Upload these photos on your store with SEO-Much-improved descriptions. As soon as you get someone to buy a product, deduct your's and channelize the amount to drop shippers' store to place the order with the client's address.


This way, you can easily make (money made/good things received) without investing in stocks.


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4) Editing and proofreading

If you have an eye for every detail and can catch even the smallest of mistakes, this business is for you. It is another zero investment business that can be easily run from home.

5) Create online courses

Some people are always in rush to learn new things and the internet is one such place to do so. If you are a master in any particular topic, package it into a course and start selling it on (raised, flat supporting surfaces) like Udemy, Teachable, Thinkific, etc.


You need to have amazing/very unusual knowledge about something that the people are interested in learning like cooking, yoga exercises, etc. 


If you are emotional (in a good way) about teaching, this could be a good Online Business without Investment in India.

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6) Online books

If you are capable enough of writing a book but do not want to spend on publishing, you have an opportunity to publish the whole book and make good sums of money from selling it to Amazon. Set on fire/start publishing is a (raised, flat supporting surface) that offers you this opportunity.

7) Graphic services

If you are skilled in visual designing, it is 1 of the industries you can imagine of. There is a number of people who looking for a skilled graphic artist.

8) CPA marketing

Cost per Action (CPA) marketing is an idea. In which you have to convince people to do a particular action like to take a quiz, play a game or sign up for a newsletter. If you can convince people to do so, you will be get paid for the number of actions taken.

9) Instagram Marketing

Business owners always search for (raised, flat supporting surfaces) where we can reach out to a large number of the target audience. 


If you are capable of building a large fan-following on an Instagram account, you can start accepting paid advertisements from clients who are looking to advertise on your (raised, flat supporting surface).

10) Sell videos online

If you can produce really good videos to teach people something or entertain them, you can think about/believe recording and selling videos on YouTube and other video publishing websites. 


If you have the art to cook different delicious things or do something amazing and (showing the ability to create interesting new things), create a video and put them online, you will be surprised to see the reply of the people.


Now let us see the balance of 40 Online Business Ideas that can be started with zero investment

11) PowerPoint presentations


Many business executives do not possess the art of creating professional PowerPoint presentations. So they need to hire people to create it for them.


You can earn as high as $20 for each slide for creating PowerPoint presentations, but for it, all you need is your (showing the ability to create interesting new things) talent along with excellent marketing skills.

12) Online surveys


Business owners and survey companies often require people to respond to the surveys managed and did/done about their product and services.

13) Language translation services


Many people need translators for languages that they do not know. For example- there are many people from other countries who do not know the English language, but when they have their documents written in English, they need translators to help them. 


you can simply sell this assistance online and make many amounts of money.

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14) Data analysis


Another business idea that can fetch you good sums of money is data mining and analysis. If you can learn the ropes, you can earn a lot by offering these services (working at little jobs in a self-employed way) (raised, flat supporting surfaces).

15) Online news reporter


Spend time with/talk to any online news (raised, flat supporting surface) and start adding/giving news to their (raised, flat supporting surface). 


You can start this from home as you will be adding/giving news online.

16) Work on Amazon Mechanical Turk


It is a (raised, flat supporting surface) owned by Amazon which allows you to complete small tasks in exchange for a few cents like you can be asked to fill a form or respond to a survey and a few other tasks. 

17) Photography


If you are a good (person who takes pictures), you can sell stock photos online. You can snap stunning photos of views or the nature around you and You can trade them online.

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These 17 jobs are best and selected for investing in free businesses.

you have to find out your best-suited business to make it doing well


I personally love blogging. Because there many more free platforms are here to write your article.


And have a lot of way to earn money in here.


Written By: Mr.Thozha